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The forthcoming 14th Deauville Asian Film Festival will take place from March 7 - 11th 2011

Deauville had already established itself as a champion of American cinema when Professor Alain Patel launched his idea of embracing Asian cinema in the same way. The first Deauville Asian Film Festival took place in March 1999 as a showcase for the diversity and variety of cinematic production throughout Asia.
The Deauville Asian Film Festival now welcomes over 30,000 visitors. For five days, a refreshing wind charged with the colours, the perfumes, the rumours and the mystery of the Orient wafts around Deauville. The rich diversity of the different cultures represented contributes to the atmosphere, with the cinema offering us breathtaking emotions and discoveries from Asia's most talented directors – year after year, the festival's programme allows us to witness the blooming of new talent in the film-making world &ndash.
The Deauville Asian Film Festival is a veritable hotbed of Asian discovery.
Welcome to the East, welcome to Deauville !


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