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Deadline for submissions, using the attached entry form, is set to February 3rd, 2014.

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Accreditation makes it possible to identify the professionals and journalists present during the Festival and, upon presentation of a personalised badge, to offer them access on certain conditions to all the screening rooms and programmed screenings.
Who can ask for accreditation ?
- Cinema and audiovisual professionals depending on certain types of activity and certain conditions determined upstream by the Festival organisers.
Types of admissible professional activities :
Presentation of proof of professional activity may be required.
- Director – Actor – Member of the artistic or technical team: only if the applicant is accompanying a film in the current Festival Selection.
- Producer: belonging to a feature film production company.
Professional accreditation may be granted to the producer of a short film production company only if the Festival presents a Short Film Competition or a selection of short films in its programme for the year.
- Distributor
- International vendor
- Cinema owner
- Others: Film Festival organiser or programmer – Video editor specialised in the cinematographic genre supported by the Festival – Media Management or Programming Team – TV – Radio – public or institutional local, regional, national or international professional body.
A request for accreditation must be made in the same name as that figuring on the proof that can be presented upon collection of the accreditation badge.
A maximum of TWO accreditations will be granted to any one company, institution or structure (other than an official partner of the Festival), according to the order in which requests are received by the Festival.
If the professional applicant is accompanied, the accreditation for his or her accompanying person can be granted within the limit of the TWO accreditations granted for any given structure or company.
- Journalists
Please attach a copy of your press card, with a letter from the editor in chief, a copy of any articles published and details of what is envisaged by way of media coverage.  
Admissible types of press:
- Written press
- Television
- Radio
- Internet
- Press attaché
Photographer: please attach a letter from the editor in chief of the agency or the medium with any photos that have appeared in the press. 
What to do ?
If the conditions for the attribution of a Professional or Press accreditation are fulfilled, the request for accreditation should be transmitted
- By form online
- By sending a completed paper form by email to (for Professionnals) ou (for the Press), or, failing that, by fax to: 33 (0)1 41 34 20 77.
It is imperative that an ID photograph (300 dpi minimum in jpeg format or paper format) be attached to all messages transmitted, indicating SURNAME in capital letters followed by First Name. Please enclose proof of professional occupation, as requested, in any messages.
The Festival reserves the right to accept or to refuse the request for accreditation if proof of the type of activity potentially conferring a right to accreditation is not deemed to be sufficiently well established.
Any incomplete requests will be refused systematically.
Upon reception of the request, a confirmation email or a request for supplementary proof or a refusal from the Festival department concerned will be sent to the applicant.
Deadline for requests for accreditation
The deadline for requests for accreditation for the 16th Deauville Asian Film Festival is Friday 28th of February, 2014
After this date, the Festival is not in a position to issue accreditations other than “post-deadline accreditations” (see below).
Post-deadline accreditations: After the deadline for reception of requests for accreditation, and during the Festival, any request for a post-deadline accreditation sent by mail or handed in onsite to the Accreditations Reception Desk of the C.I.D. will cost 12 Euros (payment to be made when accreditation badges are collected). Please bring and provide ID and proof of professional activity.

Withdrawal of accreditations
Accreditation may be collected on site in Deauville as of Wednesday 5th March 2014.
Opening times:  Wednesday 5th March – 3 p.m. to 7:30 p.m | From Thursday 6 to Sunday 9 | 8.30 am or 30 minutes before the first screening of the day.

Please bring ID when you come to withdraw your accreditation. 

How to use your accreditation ?
Accreditation is personal, individual and non-transferrable.
It affords access to all the screening venues and screenings scheduled within the context of the Festival.
It should be shown to the ticket inspector at the entrance to the screening room.